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Thorrington 2007

Thorrington 2007 Pottery Report

Thorrington 2007 Test Pit Location Map

Ten test pits were excavated during the 2007 HEFA at Thorrington, bringing the total over 2006-7 to 18. Over these two years, two pits (TTN/06/6 and TTN/07/6) have produced grog-tempered pottery dating to between 50BC and 100AD. In both cases, these included a large sherd (27g and 28g) in the lowest contexts, which were otherwise undisturbed and appear to represent intact levels of this date. That both these pits lie relatively close together in similar locations is interesting, as it hints at the survival of a late prehistoric and/or early Roman ground surface on the edge of a presently wooded area to the south of the area currently under investigation. No evidence dating to the period between the 2nd and 12th centuries was recovered from any of the 2007 test pits, reflecting a similar absence of evidence for the Anglo-Saxon period from Thorrington in 2006. Evidence for the 13th- early16th centuries was only a little more plentiful, with only three pits (TTN07/2, TTN07/4 and TTN07/6) producing any ceramic material of this date, none of which yielded more than three sherds. This apparently dispersed settlement appears on current evidence to be very thinly occupied until the later post-medieval period.