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Thorrington 2006

Thorrington 2006 Pottery Report

Thorrington 2006 Test Pit Location Map

Eight test pits were excavated during the 2006 HEFA. Roman pottery was revealed in just one of these (TTN/06/1), adjacent to the church. None of the pits produced any post-Roman material pre-dating the 12th century, but three (TTN/06/1, 5, and 8) contained pottery of 12th to 14th century date. The location of these in the north-west, centre and south-east of the present large, straggling settlement could possibly suggest that the settlement pattern at this time was highly dispersed as a series of scattered nodes, each perhaps no more than a single farm. Only Gold Farm (TTN/06/1 and 7) produced any finds of 15th to 16th century date, which might possibly suggest that not all of these nodes were continuously occupied throughout the medieval period. In contrast, every single one of the excavated pits contained pottery dating to the mid 16th to late 18th century.