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Southminster 2016

Southminster 2016 Test Pit Location Map

Southminster 2016 Test Pit Pottery Report


The second year of test pitting in Southminster was undertaken in April 2016 when an additional 10 test pits were excavated by 41 students from William De Ferrers School, The Plume School and Ormiston Rivers Academy. The total so far excavated in the town is now 22 and the 2016 sites were mainly in the north and west of the town with also a few scattered between the 2015 locations.

11th century and later pottery was only recorded from the 2016 sites, with three test pits in the far north of the town (SOU/16/4, SOU/16/5 and SOU/16/6) also producing a small amount of pottery, away from the core of the settlement identified in 2015 around the church. There is evidence for a shift in the settlement during the 14th century and the various socio-economic upheavals of that time (including the Black Death), but activity is still noted to the north and south of the church (albeit on a smaller scale than during the high medieval). The settlement expanded again during the post medieval period with activity noted along its current length, although during the 19th century the settlement was still small; the town seen today consists of large amounts of 20th century and later development.