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Little Hallingbury, Essex

Little Hallingbury is situated seven miles north east of Harlow in Essex immediately west of the M11 motorway. It is today a sprawling but still very rural settlement, much of which appears to be the result of 20th century expansion and infilling. The medieval church is surrounded by a small cluster of houses including Monksbury Farm. More then 0.5km to the south-east lies a medieval moated site within which is a still-occupied timber-framed farmhouse. The dispersed nature of the pre-modern settlement is hinted at by the presence of several green names, now agglomerated within the semi-continuous spread of settlement but presumed formerly to have been separate. Ribbon development extending for more than a kilometre lies either side of main modern road through the settlement which leads north to the nearby market town of Bishop's Stortford. No archaeological investigation has previously been carried out within the village, although excavations along the line of the M11 have revealed several sites including Roman occupation near to the eastern limits of the modern village of Little Hallingbury (Essex HER 4318).

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Test Pit Pottery Distribution Map 2007-2010


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