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Hadleigh 2016

Hadleigh 2016 Test Pit Location Map

Hadleigh 2016 Pottery Report


In May 2016 an additional six archaeological test pits were excavated by both AGES-AHA community group and nine students from Southend High School for Boys, which was followed up by another three test pits by AGES-AHA excavated over the summer. This brings the total so far excavated in Hadleigh to 24.

Two of the test pits in this year added to the spread of Romano-British activity first identified in 2015 and hints at perhaps maybe a core of activity to the north of the church. The rest of the activity dates to the medieval period and later and shows that the medieval settlement core was around the church, supporting the findings from 2015. The village then was also likely surrounded by open fields given the limited pottery recorded from the outlying sites. The majority of these outlying sites were subsequently abandoned into the 14th century due to a range of socio-economic factors prevalent at that time, including the Black Death. The core of the settlement however continued around the church with some expansion again from the post medieval onwards, although even during the 19th century the settlement remained small.