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Daws Heath 2014

Daws Heath Test Pit Location Map

Daws Heath Pottery Report


A total of 11 archaeological test pits were excavated in Daws Heath in June 2014 as a follow up from the 2013 excavations where 12 test pits were dug. The 2014 test pits were excavated by 40 Year 9 and 10 students from Southend High School for Boys, Cecil Jones College, Shoeburyness High School and Westcliff High School for Boys.

The earliest evidence for activity in the village was from the high medieval period and the 11th/12th century, the 2014 excavations showing that the medieval activity extended further west along Daws Heath Road than had previously been identified. During the 14th century however the village contracted, with none of the 2014 test pits yielding later medieval pottery, likely due to a number socio-economic factors at that time, including the Black Death. Five of the 2014 test pits then had evidence for post medieval occupation, showing that although the settlement remained small, it recovered sufficiently after the 14th century to still be occupied today.