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Clavering 2016

Clavering 2016 Test Pit Location Map

Clavering 2016 Test Pit Pottery Report

 Click here to read the summary report from the 2016 excavations


In July 2016 a total of 12 archaeological test pits were excavated in Clavering by 47 Year 9 and Year 12 students from The Bishops Stortford High School, Burnt Mill School, Forest Hall School, Daventant School, Passmores School and The Herts and Essex High School. The 2016 test pitting followed on from the community based test pit excavations in 2012 where 29 pits were excavated, bringing the current total to 41 pits excavated in Clavering, and were all centred within the core of the village.

The first evidence for Bronze Age activity was recorded from the 2016 excavations in the form of pottery from CLV/16/9. The site had remained relatively open with little in the way of disturbance and may point to a later prehistoric settlement here on the higher ground overlooking the river. The same site also yielded the only evidence from 2016 for Romano-British activity and may be part of a spread of activity mainly identified during the 2012 excavations, perhaps as farmland for a nearby Romano-British farmstead. The rest of the pottery identified dates from the high medieval period onwards from the 11th/12th century, with occupation activity spread through the test pits suggesting perhaps it was quite a dispersed settlement that almost certainly contracted due to the socio-economic upheavals (including the Black Death) of the 14th century as only one test pit yielded late medieval pottery (CLV/16/10). The village expanded again into the post medieval with the majority of the test pit sites recorded 16th century and later pottery and began to take the shape of the settlement that can still be seen today.