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Clavering, Essex

The village of Clavering is situated close to the north western Essex border with Hertfordshire, 11km north of Bishops Stortford and 26km south of Cambridge. Clavering lies on the B1038 between Newport and Buntingford, between the A10 to the west, the A120 to the south and the M11 to the east.  The village was recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086 as Clauelinga to mean 'the place where clover grows'. 

Settlement in the parish of Clavering today is highly dispersed, with seven ‘greens’ (Hill Green, Stickling Green, Starlings Green, Roast Green, Sheepcote Green, Birds Green and Deers Green) and three ‘ends’ (Mill End, Ford End and Further Ford End) scattered through the parish. There are also several isolated manor houses, farms and other houses scattered across the parish, several lying on or adjacent to moats. The largest area of settlement is Clavering itself, which takes the form of a linear settlement now nearly 2km long, following the route of the B1038 (Pelham Road/Clatterbury Lane). The western end of this village is mostly arranged either side of a small stream valley which the road follows, but at its eastern end the road and its flanking settlement rises up out of the valley as it runs into Hill Green (the latter may formerly have been a separate settlement.) The core of Clavering village today is at Church End, towards the western end of the present village, centred on the church and nearby ‘castle’ moated site, immediately west of Middle Street and the point where two small stream valleys meet.  Houses east and west of Middle Street are set back from the north-south orientated road and this area may formerly have been a market place. Clavering has experienced some expansion, particularly from the 20th century onwards with many new houses infilling the linear settlement and clustered on a recent estate at Colehills.


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