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Godingham Hall, Bulmer 2014-2015

Goldingham Hall Excavations 2014-2015

Following on from the Heritage Lottery Funded  Managing a Masterpiece landscape partnership project, the Stour Valley Community Archaeology group (SVCA) was founded as a direct result undertaken by Managing a Masterpiece.

With the co-operation of Ashely Cooper, the landowner and patron of SVCA, excavations at Goldingham Hall continued on the original 2013 trenches with support from ACA. This involved the opening of further trenches based on additional geophysical data that was undertaken over the field.

The first of these digs were in 2014 over two weekends in May (23rd-25th and 30th May-1st June) with a follow up over four days in early September 2014 (11th-14th) that also saw the opening of two new trenches, D, parallel to Trench C and E that was to the north west of Trench A.

In 2015 a four day dig was undertaken at the end of May (28th-31st May) at which two trenches were backfilled (A and C) and a new trench F was opened between trenches D and C. The final dig of this series of excavations was at the beginning of September (11th-13th September) when also the baulk between trenches D and F was removed to create one large trench, D/F and a small trench G was also opened just to the west of the pond.

The results of the excavations suggest the original Saxon manor site has been identified with the presence of a number of ovens in trench A, as well as a possible timber post structure in the large trench D/F. A number of associated gullys, ditches and pits dating to the medieval period have also been recorded with also some residual prehistoric and Roman pottery that provides background information to the wider landscape.


The full archaeological report from all three years will be available to download here soon. The specialist reports as they come in can however can be found below.

 The approximate locations of all the trenches at Goldingham Hall


Goldingham Hall Pottery Report ALL YEARS