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Goldingham Hall, Bulmer 2013


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As part of the Heritage Lottery Funded Managing a Masterpiece landscape partnership project and with thanks to Ashley Cooper, local historian and landowner, Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA) returned to Goldingham Hall at the start of October 2013 to run a four day programme of community archaeological excavations.

Following a geophysical survey of the area to the north of the current hall, two trenches were sited over a possible rectilinear feature (trenches B and C) and a third larger square trench (A) was opened over a cluster of potential features just to the north.

A range of features were excavated from all of the trenches, dating from the 10th to the later 14th century. A likely late Anglo Saxon boundary ditch was recorded from the eastern end of trench A that was probably part of the original Saxon manor complex that was originally situated just to the east. Later 11th-12th century features include a very large east-west orientated boundary ditch from trench B, which again may be associated with the developing changes and expansion to the manor at that time. Further field boundaries were also recorded in trenches A and C. The last phase of activity on site dates to the late 12th to the late 14th century and is the date of the two ovens that were excavated in trench A and their associated pits. A possible beam slot or gully was also recorded from trench C with a series of large pits that may have been used for storage.

The full archaeological report will be available to download here soon but in the mean time the specialist reports can be seen below.

Goldingham Hall 2013 Pottery Report

Goldingham Hall 2013 Faunal Remains Report

Goldingham Hall 2013 Flint and Burnt Stone Report

Goldingham Hall 2013 Environmental Report