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Bulmer, Essex

The village of Bulmer is situated in Essex, close to the Suffolk, border 11km north east of Halstead and c.4km south west of Sudbury and north of the A131 (former turnpike road) that runs between Halstead and Sudbury. Goldingham Hall is centred on TL 83371 40285 in the west of the village. It is situated down a long lane and set back from the main road in the far west of the village and overlooking the Belchamp Brook to the north.

Bulmer comprises of two settlements of Bulmer and Bulmer Tye, which sits along the A131 to the south of Bulmer and the hamlets of Batt Hall, Finch Hill, Upper Houses and Lower Houses. The church of St Andrews is situated on Church Street in Bulmer, with the village hall and St Andrews Primary School is located between Bulmer and Bulmer Tye to the south. The layouts of both Bulmer and Bulmer Tye are linear in form, around crossroads, with access into Bulmer from four roads. It is characterised by narrow roads with grass verges, hedges or low walls. The houses are generally set back from the road and the lack of natural local building stone means that most houses were built from timber, with later buildings in brick, with thatch, slate or tile roofs. The church is made from flint and clunch and was the only building of this construction until the 18th century when flint was used again as a building material, although mainly on local cottages

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