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Wisbech St Mary 2006

Wisbech St Mary 2006 Pottery Report

Wisbech St Mary 2006 Test Pit Location Map

Seven test pits were excavated in Wisbech St Mary in 2006, including one dug by staff and children at the village primary school. Two of the pits (WSM/06/5 and 06/6) were sited on slightly raised ground east of the village at the suggestion of the landowner who has noted sherds of pottery while ploughing. Both of these test pits produced middle Iron Age scored ware and briquetage, indicating that the location was used for salt-making at this time. An assemblage of nearly 100 Roman sherds from these two pits (including five sherds of Samian ware), are considered likely to derive from earlier Roman settlement in the vicinity. No post-Roman material was recovered from this area. Within the present village, four sherds of Roman pottery from test pits WSM/06/1, 06/2 and 06/5, one from an apparently undisturbed level with no later finds, suggest that Roman activity of some sort also took place in the vicinity of the later church. However, no ceramic material dating to the period between c. 400AD and 1400AD was found in any of the test pits dug in 2006, and it is only from c. 1700 that pottery was recovered in any significant quantity. Further test pitting will be carried out in 2007 to examine whether this apparent dearth of activity in the period before the Black Death is replicated elsewhere.