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Willingham 2013

Willingham 2013 Pottery Report

Willingham 2013 Test Pit Location Map


Eight test pits were excavated by HEFA students in Willingham in 2013, adding to those dug in 2009 to bring the total to 34. No additional Romano-British material was found, but a single small sherd of early Anglo-Saxon handmade pottery (c. 450-700AD) was found in WIL/13/01, c. 0.7km north of the sites which previously produced material of this date in the centre of the present village, although close to pits that previously produce small amounts of Roman pottery. The 2013 pits generally yielded very little in the way of finds, with just three pits producing a total of five sherds of high medieval pottery, none of later medieval date whatsoever and very little post-medieval material. This may be partly explained by the fact that several of the pits were located towards the periphery of the present village, and suggest these areas were in use as fields rather than settlement until the 20th century.