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Ufford 2007

A small scale archaeological excavation was undertaken over four days from the 10th to the 13th of July 2007 by 16 pupils from four local secondary schools, Stanground College, Longstands College, Peterborough High School and the St Ivo School. Two small trenches were opened in the rear garden of Ufford Farm, Main Street, in the village of Ufford, in north Cambridgeshire. The location of the trenches was decided on the basis of the results from previous test pit excavations in the village in 2005 and 2006 as part of the Higher Education Field Academy (HEFA) run by Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA).

Of the test pitting that was undertaken by ACA during 2006 in Ufford, test pit one (UFF/06/1) revealed a well-built wall, of which at least three courses were in tack. Two further test pits were then excavated within the same garden to identify the extent of the wall (UFF/06/8 and UFF/06/9), within the two days that were scheduled for the excavations. The 2007 trench excavations re-opened the previous test pits, to then extend the trench along the length of the wall that was able to be opened in the confines of the garden, sticking to the lawn area.

The wall excavated along the length of the trench was found to be on a different alignment to that of the current house, so it definitely predates the farm house. The pottery suggests that the wall was built no later than AD 1400, so it is highly likely that the wall identified during the 2007 excavations is that of an above average wealth medieval building, potentially even a manor house, given the addition of a garderobe on the outside of the building and the high status pottery identified. It is possible that this wall represents the unknown location of Uphall manor, although further work would be needed on site to confirm this.

A Late Anglo-Saxon ditch (late 10th century) was also recorded running north-south under the wall and although its entire length is unknown, it could have been in use as a small field boundary, or enclosure paddock. The limited pottery and animal bone assemblages that were also recovered may suggest that the site was not located near a focus of primary occupation, beyond the confines of the excavation. It may also have been a continuation of Early/Middle Saxon activity, as a single sherd of pottery is the only find of that time to be found in the village. This could mean that the original location of Uffewurda of ‘Uffa’s Farm’ could have been focused around the present day Ufford Farm and the location of the 2007 excavations, in the north of the village.


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