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Swaffham Bulbeck 2013

Swaffham Bulbeck 2013 Pottery Report

Swaffham Bulbeck 2013 Test Pit Location Map


Click here to read the summary report from the Swaffham Bulbeck test pitting 


Fourteen test pits were excavated by HEFA students in Swaffham Bulbeck in 2013, adding to those completed in 2012 to make a total of 24. Two pits produced pottery of Bronze Age date, one of which (SBU /13/9) totalled three large sherds along with struck and fire-cracked flint, sufficient to infer with some confidence intensive activity in the vicinity, possibly relating to settlement or mortuary practice.  No Romano-British material was found, but as in 2012, a significant amount of late Anglo-Saxon pottery was recovered, found in a total of four pits (SBU/13/1, 2, 13 and 14). Although two of these (SBU/13/1 and SBU/13/14 produced just a single sherd, overall, they reinforce the general pattern observed in 2012 of settlement at this date clustered around the church, with smaller amounts of pottery perhaps indicating the extent of arable closer to the river and north of Quarry Lane. 

Finds of high medieval pottery at SBU/13/8 and SBU/13/9 confirmed the pattern noted in 2012 that the settlement at Commercial End was founded at this time as the settlement extended north. The developmental trajectory in the late medieval period seems to be mixed, as the area around the church produced considerably less pottery of this date, while some sites to the north produced more pottery than for the high medieval period, an unusual phenomenon in this area.