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Stapleford 2017 Community test pit excavations Pottery Report

Stapleford 2017 Community test pit excavations location map


A total of five 1m square archaeological test pits were excavated in May 2017 by Stapleford History Society and local residents that brought the total number so far excavated in the village to 33 and again infilled a number of locations through the east and west of the village.

All but one test pit produced Romano-British pottery and further builds on the patterns of Roman activity as identified from previous years with two clear patterns emerging. The larger of the two is focused around the church in the northwest of the village and a thinner spread has also been identified in the east of the settlement. No evidence for Anglo Saxon activity was found, with the rest of the pottery found recorded as medieval and later in date. For the first time high medieval (AD 1066-1399) activity was recorded to the east of Bar Lane from STA/17/3 and a large deposit of medieval pottery was found in the far south of the village from STA/17/4 suggesting intense on-site occupation there. 

There was no new finds of later medieval pottery recorded in 2017 and with the new sites producing post medieval finds suggest that there were shifts in the settlement and changes of land use after the various social and economic upheavals of the 14th century, including the Black Death, although the village remained small, until the 1970's when a lot of infilling took place.