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Stapleford 2016

Stapleford 2016 Test Pit Location Map

Stapleford 2016 Test Pit Pottery Report


Seven archaeological test pits were excavated in May 2016 by Stapleford History Society that brought the total number so far excavated in the village to 28 and again infilled a number of locations through the central part of the village as well as further to the east.

Three more test pits in 2016 yielded Romano-British pottery, with a concentration of activity starting to emerge from around the church as well as an isolated area of activity seen for the first time along Haverhill Road in the east. The rest of the pottery excavated dates to the medieval period and later, again supporting what has already been noted from previous years with additional activity recorded through the central area of the settlement. Four test pits also produced late medieval pottery, so perhaps the devistation was not as great as previosly thought during the 14th century upheavals (including the Black Death). A shift in settlement was again confirmed with another site identified in the east of the village (STA/16/2), which may represent an isolated farmstead or something similar. The post medieval activity recorded through the test pits continue to become more extensive, although the village likely remained small, but was taking shape similar to that seen today by the 19th century.