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Stapleford 2014

2014 Test Pit Location Map

2014 Test Pit Pottery Report


An Additional four test pits were excavated in Stapleford in August 2014 by Stapleford History Society, as a follow up to the nine test pits that were excavated by ACA in 2013, and bringing the total so far dug in the village to 13. The pits were sited through the village and between the 2013 locations.

Three of the test pits from 2014 yeilded Romano-British pottery and may hint that there was a focus of activity at that time in the north and west of the village. One test pit (STA/14/4) also yeilded evidence for the first Late Anglo Saxon activity through the test pitting in Stapleford and was sited just south of the primary school and actually quite a distance from the church in the north. During the medieval period this area was actually the southern extent of the activity recorded which extended to the north to the location of the church. A shift in the settlement was noted from the later medieval further to the south, although activity was consistent at STA/14/2, a lot of the northern sites had been abandoned. The village expanded again through the post medieval, with settlement moving again further to the north, but still remained small, although the core layout of the village was in place by the 19th century.