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Stapleford 2013

Stapleford 2013 Pottery Report

Stapleford 2013 Test Pit Location Map


Eight test pits were excavated in Stapleford in 2013, with a ninth 1m x 0.5 m pit added to further explore the area around the moated site as one team finished their test pit early and were able to carry out a small second excavation. Overall, very little pre-modern artefactual evidence was recovered. A single very small sherd of Romano-British pottery was found in STA/13/07 which may indicate the valley bottom area along the present A1301 was in low-intensity use at this time, perhaps as arable or perhaps merely as a road. No pottery whatsoever was found of Anglo-Saxon (5th – 11th century) date, and just one pit, STA/13/05, near the site of Vine Farm, produced high medieval pottery, totalling just two sherds. The only find of late medieval pottery, a single sherd, came from a different site, STA/13/03 on the site of Stapleford Hall. Two different sites again (STA/13/04 and STA/13/04) produced very small amounts of post-medieval pottery.

It is difficult to make any meaningful observations from the small number of pits excavated so far, especially with so little material recovered, although the impression so far is that the present settlement of Stapleford was a small thinly inhabited (at best) place throughout the pre-modern period.