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Sawtry 2014

Sawtry 2014 Pottery Report

Sawtry 2014 Test Pit Location Map


The 2014 test pitting in Sawtry was the first to be undertaken in the village and 12 archaeological test pits were excavated by 47 Year 9 and 10 students from Cromwell Community College, The Voyager Academy, Sawtry Community College and Stanground Academy. The majority of the test pits were sited in the north of the town with three pits also opened in the far south.

A single sherd of Romano-British pottery was recorded from one of the southern test pits (SAW/14/2), but this is more likely to represent use of the land as open fields rather than occupation. A single test pit also yielded Late Anglo Saxon activity (SAW/14/6), which is perhaps surprising given that the settlement was large enough to warrent three churches, but the area around Fen Lane may have been one of the earliest areas of activity prior to the Norman Conquest. The medieval activity in Sawtry was recorded through a central swathe of the town between The Maltings and Chapel End suggesting that this may have been one of the areas of occupation at that time, with perhaps open fields to the north and south of it. During the 14th century there was a slight shift and contraction in the settlement due to the various socio-economic upheavals at that time (including the Black Death). Occupation during the post medieval was still quite dispersed but the village recovered, although it remained quite small until the 20th century.