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Ramsey 2009

Ramsey 2009 Pottery Report

Ramsey 2009 Test Pit Location Map

Ten test pits were excavated in Ramsey in 2009. No pottery pre-dating 850 AD was found in any of the excavated pits. Just a single sherd of late Anglo-Saxon pottery was found, perhaps rather surprisingly, on the south side of Hollow Lane (RAM/09/01), on the very edge of the present settlement and in an area of exclusively modern housing. In contrast, nearly all the test pits produced material dating to the eleventh to fourteenth century. While the limited number of pits excavated to date makes it difficult to make any firm inferences, it does seem to indicate that the eleventh to fourteenth century saw considerable expansion in activity in Ramsey. On current evidence, post-fourteenth century medieval material seems to be of more limited extent, almost entirely limited to the area west of the Abbey, with the only pits producing more than a single small sherd of pottery of this date being RAM/09/01, RAM/09/02, RAM/09/04, RAM/09/08.