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Newnham College 2010

Newnham College 2010 Pottery Report - Roman

Newnham College 2010 Pottery Report - Post-Roman

A small scale archaeological excavation was undertaken by Access Cambridge Archaeology at the University of Cambridge in collaboration with Newnham College over one week from the 13th to the 17th of September 2010. The excavation carried out by 20 Year 12 students from five different schools in London, Walsall, Peterborough and Romford in Essex.

Two small trenches were opened within the grounds of Newnham College, in the west of Cambridge, to try and locate a group of skeletons that were excavated in the 1930’s during digging for a World War II air raid trench. The trenches were sited using photographs and written documents from the original excavations in conjunction with old aerial photographs of the college and a recent geophysical survey.

The aims of the dig at Newnham were to locate the air raid trench and to identify the original locations of the skeletons excavated in the 1930’s as well as establishing if they were part of a larger cemetery and their date.  The aim was also to provide an inspiring educational experience for the students who took part in the excavations.

The full report of the excavations at Newnham College can be downloaded here.