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Longstanton, Cambridgeshire


Longstanton is a village in south Cambridgeshire that sits on a band of sand and gravel along the fen-edge, just 9km northwest from the centre of Cambridge and to the east of the A14, at about 10m OD.

The name Longstanton derives from the Old English to likely mean a 'stone farm-enclosure', the Long is a much later addition to the name. Four landholders were recorded in the Domesday Book for Longstanton and two parish churches were both recorded in 1217 as St Michaels and All Saints. The village today is very long (hence its name!) and the village centre is around the crossroads with All Saints church that once would have linked to Willingham to the north, Rampton to the east, Oakington to the south and Cambridge to the south and west.


Local Information Websites

Longstanton Village Website

Longstanton and District Heritage Society

Fen Edge Archaeology Group

British History Online

Heritage Gateway


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 Historic Map of Longstanton


Longstanton Pottery Distribution Map 2015 & 2017


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