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Great Shelford 2011

Great Shelford 2011 Pottery Report

Great Shelford 2011 Test Pit Location Map

Five more test pits were excavated in Great Shelford in 2011 by university students, bringing the total to forty-one. Only one (GTS/11/01, on High Green) produced material of medieval date in quantities sufficient to indicate settlement in the vicinity, and as in previous years, nothing of medieval date was found here post-dating c. 1350 AD. Unusually, GTS/11/03, north of De Freville Farm near the present railway line, produced some of the very few finds of late medieval pottery recovered from any of the ACA CORS test pits in Great Shelford. The four sherds of late medieval transitional ware actually exceeded the number of sherds from the high medieval period from this pit, and this provides a striking contrast with the evidence of contraction and abandonment found in most of the other pits excavated in the village to date.