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Girton 2009

Girton 2009 Pottery Report

Girton 2009 Test Pit Location Map

Six test pits were excavated in Girton in 2009 by pupils from Tower Hamlets in London attending a residential HEFA course. Pottery dating to 900-1100 AD was found in GIR/10/01 and GIR/10/03 (near the church and along High Street), with material dating to the twelfth to fourteenth centuries found on these sites and also on Church Lane (GIR/10/04). Medieval pottery post-dating the fourteenth century was almost entirely absent, with only a single sherd found. Although it is impossible to make any firm inferences from with such a small number of pits excavated, it is interesting to note that historical sources also hint at the possibility of late medieval contraction, with the number of taxpayers recorded at 56 in 1327 and 196 in 1377, dropping to 45 in 1524 and just 34 in 1563. It is hoped that further test pits will be excavated in Girton in 2010.