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Cottenham 2010

Cottenham 2010 Pottery Report

Cottenham 2010 Test Pit Location Map

Seven more test pits were excavated in Cottenham in 2010 bringing the total to twenty-five. Most of the 2010 test pits were sited to fill in gaps in previous work, including several in the south of the village and two in the northern part of the settlement in the area of long narrow plots, possibly laid out over ridge and furrow.

Test pit COT/10/4 produced several sherds of pottery of Bronze Age date, in the same area which produced Roman material in 2009. No further pottery of early or middle Anglo-Saxon date (450-850AD) was found, reinforcing the impression that settlement in this period was limited to the area in the centre of the present village, immediately south-west of Rooks Street and east of Lambs Row. A couple of sherds of later Anglo-Saxon date from COT/10/4 similarly supported the inference from test pitting in 2009, that the settlement at this time extended along the High Street, probably taking the form of a nucleated village at this time. It is interesting to note that most of pits in the Rooks Street/Denmark Road/High Street area have produced pottery of high medieval date, suggesting that the village expanded significantly at this time. It is plausible to suggest that the rectilinear street plan visible today in this area may therefore be of 12th or 13th century date.