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Castor 2010

Castor 2010 Pottery Report

Castor 2010 Test Pit Location Map

Ten test pits were excavated in Castor in 2010, bringing the total to fifteen. As in 2009, Roman pottery was found widely, now from a total of six pits. No further finds of early or middle Anglo-Saxon date were made, but several pits produced ceramic material of later Anglo-Saxon date. This has now been found in all parts of the present village except for the sites east and south of the church. The pattern at present is thus of two discrete areas of activity, one along the present Peterborough Road and the second in the very north of the present village, in an area of predominantly 20th century housing north of the High Street. Nearly all the test pits have produced material of early 12th to mid-14th century date, but there is considerably less evidence for activity in later 14th to 16th centuries, hinting at a significant decline in the settlement at this time. Interestingly, those sites which do produce material of this date seem to do so in larger quantities that for previous centuries. Manor Farm remains notable as the only site to produce ceramic material for all periods from the Roman onwards, including early and middle Anglo-Saxon ceramics.