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Castor 2009 Pottery Report

Castor 2009 Test Pit Location Map

Five test pits were excavated in 2009 in Castor, widely spaced across the present village. With so few pits dug to date, it is of course impossible to make any meaningful observations regarding the disposition or development of the settlement in the past, but the presence of some finds of Anglo-Saxon and medieval date can be noted. One sherd of Early/Middle Saxon hand-built ware (AD450 - 650) was found in the pit near Manor Farm. Sherds of St Neots ware and Stamford ware were found in four of the five excavated pits in quantities likely to be indicative of settlement nearby. The exception is CTR/09/05, which appears to lie beyond the limits of both the later Anglo-Saxon and the medieval settlement. A similar pattern was apparent in pottery dating to c. 1100- c.1400 AD. Notably less material was found dating to the later medieval period (c.1400-c.1540), hinting at the possibility that Castor may have experienced some significant level of decline in this period.