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Shefford 2014

Shefford 2014 Test Pit Location Map

Shefford 2014 Test Pit Pottery Report


In October 2014, 13 archaeological test pits were excavated by 65 Year 8 and Year 12 students from Etonbury Academy, Henlow Academy and Roberty Bloomfield Academy and followed on from the 2012 test pitting in the town to bring the total excavated there to 19 and were sited in the centre of the town, extending westwards with a couple also excavated further to the north.

Three of the test pits yielded high medieval pottery, SHE/14/5, SHE/14/6 and SHE/14/11 that were also mainly focused north of the current crossroads and closer to the confluence of the Rivers Ivel and Flit and were also found on both sides of the river. These sites were however all abandoned during the late medieval upheavals, including the Black Death in the 14th century with the only activity recorded from this time was around the modern crossroads, which is also where the settlement likely developed from during the post medieval as the settlement grew once more. It was along these three main roads that the layout of the town grew from and forms the core of the town today.