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Shefford 2012

Shefford 2012 Pottery Report

Shefford 2012 Test Pit Location Map

Six test pits were excavated in Shefford in 2012. With such a small number of pits excavated it is impossible to make any but the most superficial observations. In particular, it is not possible to draw any conclusions based on negative evidence, such as the absence of pottery of Anglo-Saxon date. The recovery of a single small (4g) sherd of Romano-British pottery from SHE/12/02 may indicate some sort of contemporary activity in the vicinity, although this was residual in a high medieval deposit. 

It is of more interest to note that pottery of high medieval date was recovered from SHE/12/02 and SHE/12/06, both from plots which face onto the wide market places of the High Street and the southern end of Northbridge Street. SHE/12/02 in particular produced considerable quantities (24 sherds) of high medieval pottery clearly indicative of settlement in the immediate vicinity. This pit also produced several sherds of later medieval pottery, unlike SHE/12/06 which yielded no material of this date.