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Sharnbrook 2012

Sharnbrook 2012 Pottery Report

Sharnbrook 2012 Test Pit Location Map

Nine test pits were excavated in Sharnbrook in 2012, bringing the total to date to sixty-eight. The 2012 pits were sited across the village, favouring the southern side of the present settlement where fewer test pits had previously been excavated.

Very little pottery was found from any of the test pits excavated in Sharnbrook in 2012. Pottery of Roman date was recovered from SHA/12/02 and SHA/12/03, both from gardens within a modern housing estate adjacent to arable fields on the south-east of the present village. These complemented finds of the same date in 2011, and it now seems clear that there is a Romano-British site of some sort in this area. SHA/12/03 also produced a large sherd of Iron Age pottery, as did one of the pits in this same area in 2011, suggesting that a LPRIA/RB settlement is likely to have been present near here. A very small sherd (1g) of Romano-British greyware was also produced from SHA/12/07, near Castle Close, but such a small, heavily abraded shred is unlikely to indicate intensive activity in the vicinity at this date.

Very little medieval pottery was recovered in 2012, with SHA/12/02 and SHA/12/03 the only pits producing any material of this date. The small numbers of sherds is suggestive of manured arable rather than settlement in the immediate vicinity.