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Sharnbrook 2007

Sharnbrook 2007 Pottery Report

Sharnbrook 2007 Test Pit Location Map

Five test pits were excavated in Sharnbrook in 2007, selected to focus mainly on the High Street. With such a small number of pits excavated to date only the most general of preliminary observations can presently be made, but it is notable that test pit SHA07/2 produced a large (21g) sherd of Iron Age scored ware, and also the only sherd of St Neots ware from Sharnbrook in 2007, while SHA07/3, less than 50m to the north-west, produced 6 sherds of medieval shelly ware dating to 1100-1400 AD, two of which were above 10g in weight. No Roman material was recovered from any of the sites. Further test pitting will be carried out in Sharnbrook in 2008.