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Riseley 2016 Test Pit Location Map

Riselely 2016 Test Pit Pottery Report


2016 was the third year of test pitting in Riseley and 11 archaeological test pits were excavated by 40 Year 9 students from Sharnbrook Upper School, St Thomas More Catholic Teaching School, Hastingsbury Upper School and Statton Upper School. The test pits were sited mainly through the northern half of the village, along the High Street, filling in gaps between previous test pit sites, as well as around the church and brought the current total excavated in Riseley to 31.

All the pottery excavated from 2016 dates to the medieval period and later and supports previous excavation results that medieval occupation extended through the length of the current village. There was some shift in activity during the later medieval but otherwise the village continued to thrive at this time, despite the widespread socio-economic upheavals across the country at this time, including the Black Death. Shifts in the settlement were again evident during the post medieval, but it was from this time that the current village began to take shape with 19th century and later infilling.