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Riseley 2015

Riseley 2015 Test Pit Location Map

Riselely 2015 Test Pit Pottery Report


In July 2015 a second year of archaeological test pit excavations were undertaken in Riseley by 35 Year 9 students from Sharnbrook Upper School, Hastingsbury Business and Enterprise College, Stratton Upper School and St Thomas More School. A single test pit was also excavated by members of Riseley History Society. Eleven test pits were excavated to add to the nine that were opened in 2014, to bring the total so far dug in Riseley to 20 and were sited through the central part of the High Street and again around Gold Street and Rotton Row.

The 2015 excavations yielded the first evidence through the test pitting of Early Anglo Saxon activity in Riseley (RIS/15/11) that was found in the same location as the Late Anglo Saxon activity identified in 2014. This supports the notion that Gold Street was the original core of the Saxon settlement in Riseley, although additional Late Anglo Saxon activity was also recorded away from Gold Street at RIS/15/6, but as only a single sherd was found, this area of the High Street may just have been fields prior to the Norman Conquest. Medieval activity was again widespread through the test pits with occupation along the length of the current village, which continued to thrive through the later medieval and the various socio-economic upheavals that happened during the 14th century. During the post medieval period the village continued to expand and develop into the thriving rural village that can still be seen today.