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Potton, Bedfordshire

The small town of Potton is situated close to the eastern Bedfordshire border with Cambridgeshire, c. 17km east of Bedford and 6km north east of Biggleswade. Potton lies on the crossroads of the A1040 between Biggleswade and St Ives and the B1042 between Sandy and Croydon on the A1198. The historic town of Sandy lies c. 6km to the west. 

Potton today is a small market town, the historic core of which displays a rectilinear layout centred on a square, planned market place. The right to hold a market was established before the 13th century. A mix of building types are noted from the town, ranging from 15th and 16th century in date through to the modern day. In 1783 a fire destroyed much of the town centre, and many fine Georgian buildings which were subsequently erected survive to this day. Potton has seen considerable expansion in the 20th century, especially north and west of the market square. A church is documented at Potton in 1094, with the chancel of the existing building dating to the 13th century. This building is sited more than 400m from the market place. By 1107 the presence of a separate chapel of ease in Potton suggests that the church was some way out of town at that date.

Medieval land holdings at Potton was divided between four manors. Potton Regis was the largest, Potton Much Manured and Potton Burdetts were created by dividing the main manor in 1237, and Potton Rectory originated from a grant made about 1094. All manors were united under single ownership by the early 17th century.

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