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Managing a Masterpiece


The Managing a Masterpiece scheme was awarded £1.1 million by the National Heritage Memorial Fund to deliver 62 projects within three programmes over a three and a half year period along the Stour Valley, which began in the summer of 2010. The programme concluded in January 2014 and the final Evaluation Report can be viewed here.

The work with ACA in 2011-2013 included a series of events to engage the public in the heritage of the Stour Valley through fieldwalking, test pitting, earthwork survey and trial trench excavations. The results of these archaeological activities are incorporated into Managing a Masterpiece's Landscape History Compendium which can be viewed here.


Fieldwalking near to the village of Bures, Suffolk.

March 2011 

Test pit excavations in Clare, Suffolk.

April-May 2011

Excavations and survey at Mount Bures Castle, Essex.

August 2011

Fieldwalking in Brundon, Suffolk.

December 2011

Excavations at Bures Common, Essex.

June 2012

Excavations at Nayland, Suffolk.

October 2012

Fieldwalking in Bulmer, Essex.

November 2012

Excavations at Clare Castle in Clare, Suffolk.

May and September 2013

Excavations at Goldingham Hall, near Bulmer, Essex.

October 2013


Managing a Masterpiece Film

Inspired by the HLF-funded Managing A Masterpiece project supported by ACA, SVCA formed in 2013 to continue providing opportunities for community archaeology fieldwork projects in the Stour Valley.

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