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Ashwell, Hertfordshire

Dig & Sow began in Hertfordshire in September 2011 with an excavation in Ashwell, Hertfordshire where 34 sites were dug by more than a hundred residents and volunteers in the one day.

Many thanks to Sarah Talks for promoting the event amongst local residents, recruiting sites to excavate and finding extra diggers to help. Another big thank you to Gil Burleigh and other volunteers from the North Hertfordshire Archaeological Society for volunteering their time and digging expertise.

Click here to view the project report.


94% of respondents rated their experience of the excavations as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, while 100% would recommend the activity to others.

"Great fun, fascinating and good community activity." (GR, Ashwell resident)

"Fun and informative. Great village activity." (CL, Ashwell resident)

"I have really enjoyed the experience and will recommend it to others so I hope it can happen again sometime." (VB, Bedfordshire resident)

"A positive and helpful look into local history where learning is stretched and engagement can take place." (CL, Hertfordshire resident)