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During 2008–2009 Dr Carenza Lewis continued to direct Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA), supported by Catherine Ranson (ACA) and Jessica Rippengal (Department of Archaeology). Natalie White joined ACA in January as programme coordinator and Katie Johnson (BA, Cambridge) Sean Taylor (MPhil, Cambridge) and David Klingle (MPhil, Cambridge) provided regular help with student assessment and office support. Numerous graduate and undergraduate students were also involved as volunteers during fieldwork.

New funding from HEFCE, English Heritage and the University of Cambridge have allowed ACA’s activities to continue and expand in 2008-9. More than 600 secondary school pupils took part in hands-on archaeological activities either in the field or in the University for between one and five days, and hundreds of members of the public have been involved either in digging within their local communities or helping arrange for others to do so. The Higher Education Field Academy (HEFA) programme continued to be ACA’s main area of activity, with more than 450 14-15 year olds taking part in research excavations within currently occupied rural settlements (CORS). Six new settlements were drawn into the Higher Education Field Academy (HEFA) of test pitting within currently occupied rural settlements (CORS) programme in 2008-9, bringing the total to 27.  ACA has continued to run community excavations in some of the villages, with test pit excavations in two sites carried out by members of the public as part of the celebrations of the University’s 800th anniversary.

New activities have been developed under ACA’s ‘Discovery Days’ programme, with this now including day courses for gifted and talented teenagers focused on the archaeological study of human and animal remains.  Nearly 150 students attended these in 2008-9. The ACA website has been re-vamped and summaries of the test pit excavations carried out in each of the settlements are now available.


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